Mares EP

by ATW

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mathie i am overwhelmed by the wonderful herein Favorite track: Family Reunion (Don't Back Down).
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Cherax ATW is a staggeringly original musical voice within the fandom and without. There's genius dripping from every hi-hat, bass line, cute falsetto yelp. Favorite track: Got A Bully.
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the songs on Mares are about specific Pony characters that left me a little bit different... i just wrote most of these a year or so ago, in a couple days or less and ended up looking back at them like old photos

these are the songs that i carried with me like my impressions of the ponies that i wrote them about

i'd tell you most of them aren't very good but at least two of them i'm very proud of and i hope you like them


released April 3, 2014

all my thanks go to my friends
i made this for them

there is 1 song on here that is a reinvention of 'Babs Seed', written by Cindy Morrow, who is a writer on My Little Pony. she came up with the words!

thank you for doing that.




Page Fortysix Milwaukee, Wisconsin

midwestern trans music woman

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Track Name: Family Reunion (Don't Back Down)
It’s gonna be a big, big day

It’s family, get back together we Keep in touch with each branch of the Apple tree Send the word that it’s time to kick it, everypony gather round, that’s the ticket Making sweet memories, enjoying time spent with friends we see rarely, they all live so far away, but they’re here today, and a couple of them barely with us

So Applejack, you’ve got to push it back and make
the best thing that ever happened here

And it’s gonna be a challenge and it’s gonna be a chore
Just don’t make it so they don’t want to come back no more
This moment and these stories are part of future glories and you
know it’s going to be swell

And you don’t back down
(Hey everyone is finally here)
Just keep pushing too hard
(Make the most of another family reunion this year)
Welcome back to town
(Goin’ back to Sweet Apple Acres)
We’re changing it up a little
(It’s a family reunion, so watch out

(Have fun, do lots of work, drink lots of cider)
(Gonna have the very best time)
Applejack’s in charge so you betta bring it

And another thing, you don’t even need fancy dress
You don’t even have to be part of the Apple family
Everypony’s welcome, just ask that stylish looking pegasus filly
Track Name: Got A Bully
first, we thought that babs was so really sweet
a new friend to have and it seemed like such a treat
but then, we found the truth; she's just a bully from the east
she went from babs, yeah, to a bully and a beast

she's just one step ahead

babs seed babs seed
what we gonna do

got a bully on our tail
gotta hide, we gotta bail
we gotta run, we gotta flee
gotta hurry, don't you see?

why so mean why so crude
why so angry why so rude
can't you be nice? can't we be friends?
why so mean why so crude
why so angry why so rude
isn't it sad this is how it all ends

hiding from a bully, we know it isn't right
but the cutie mark crusaders, we aren't lookin' for a fight
oh, she'll go home soon, and then we'll have some peace again
but for now, we're staying out of her way 'til then

she's just one step ahead

babs seed babs seed
what we gonna do

got a bully on our tail
gotta hide, we gotta bail
we gotta run, we gotta flee
gotta hurry, don't you see?

babs seed, babs seed, she's just a bad, bad-
Track Name: geologist (video edit)
your interest in the earth & your penchant for stillness
thinking deep thoughts with no one to witness
you are more than your surface; your surface is flat
everything buried & hidden under that
even without those societal graces you are, without a doubt,
my best friend
far below us there's something older, long before us a trillion boulders
deep beneath us is where you'll find it, you can amaze me by telling me what's inside it
Track Name: Best Hoof Forward
Herringbone shadows that flit through the hollow
You are but bones and hopes and living for tomorrow.
Do you really have what it takes to stick this
Landing is the hardest part of learning to fly
Don’t give up

Given hope, these useless wings
There’s nothing worse than knowing you can’t change a thing
Face your fears and you’ll find where you belong
Don’t let it get you down,
Only if you trust in yourself
You have to put your best hoof forward
Trust in yourself
And your fears melt away
Trust in yourself
You have to put your best hoof forward
Trust in yourself
Your wings will find a way

Rainbow isn’t gonna learn to live with the
real you you keep deep inside
If you hide

On your own, at reckless speed
Are you lost? Why run from the things you need?

And if you’re scared just look at how far you’ve come
Don’t let it get you down
Track Name: Song of the Earth [Pony]
far from our heritage of hunger
though we we'll always keep it safe within our hearts
we labor gladly on this earth among her
beauty and plenty, where every seed starts
found a warm embrace in winter
a milder storm to melt icy sorrows
we work all the day give it all we’ve found
for the hope of rewarding tomorrows

this is the place where
we were meant to be
shrugging off fear in hope
of living free
more fully than in self we strive
to set aside the the 'you or I'
a common goal, a peaceful restitution
a life spent in toil, not idly in remission
peace upon this land we shape
with patience by our hooves create
a world where all can share alike
where we can find a common spark
more similar to what's inside
an echo in the dark we hide from

more than everything we’ve done
this is going to be
the place our children always see when
they look up at you and me